Photo cred: Vertigo photography

Photo cred: Vertigo photography

Katy Eve
Katy is a Australian-based pole dancer and instructor from Canberra. She discovered pole dancing in 2011 and fell in love with the sexy style of pole dancing from the very start! As her passion for pole grew she opened her own ‘sexy style’ studio The Brass Room. As a pole performer Katy is known for her awesome power and classic sensual style. Her goal for her students is to embrace these same qualities of power and sensuality and to become even more confident and strong. Some of Katy’s achievements include: Pole Theatre World Professional Finalist x2; Pole Theatre UK Classique and Overall Professional Winner; Dance Filthy Australia Professional Winner and Miss Pole Dance Australia Finalist x5

Katy will be teaching three sexy classes over the weekend


Emma Louise
With a huge number of competitions and performances under her belt, including Pole Legends 2016, 2017 and 2018; Pole Stars 2017; Pole Theatre 2018 Winner of Amateur Category Miss Lyra New Zealand 2018 and Nominations for NZPIA Instructor of the Year 2016, 2017, 2018, we welcome back Emma! Emma is known for her beautiful, delicate dance style and unique and innovative pole tricks

We are stoked to have Emma teaching three workshops this year


Andre Corey
Andre stepped into a pole studio in late 2010 with no experience and hasn’t looked back since. First turning his eyes to performing in local and national burlesque, circus and physical theatre shows Andre then started competing in 2014 which has led him to become a four time New Zealand champion. Andre’s smooth and strong pole style is to be envied and his static pole spins are amongst the best in the industry. Andre now lives in Adelaide, Australia where he has become a permanent teacher at The Pole Boutique. Andre loves nothing more than sharing his passion of pole through performance and teaching!

Andre will be teaching us three fantastic workshops over the weekend


Gypsy Kelly
Slinky, sexy, smooth as silk, multi-award winning NZ Pole Dancer and owner of the NZPIA's 2017 Studio of the Year, we are stoked to have local gal Gypsy Kelly back with us in 2019 with an exciting workshop focusing on movement through mounting - you will learn to dance your way to and through your inversions

Gypsy Kelly will be teaching one workshop this year

Photo cred: Vertigo photography

Photo cred: Vertigo photography

Lou Landers
2006 when she found her love for pole dancing. Lou now teaches, competes, performs and judges all over the world. Lou has been a dedicated and passionate instructor since 2008 with Pole Divas in Melbourne Australia and has grown with the company and the pole community. Lou’s list of competition achievements is long, including: 2nd runner up in Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2015; placed 4th in the world for the UPA’s Polers Choice awards 2016; nominated in the top 6 for IPC instructor of the year award 2015/2016 and Miss Pole Dance Australia Finalist 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Lou will be teaching us three fantastic workshops over the weekend


Michelle Kasey
New Zealand's two time national female pole dance champion, Michelle continues to shock and awe audiences on both the national and international stage. The embodiment of female sexual reclamation & celebration, Michelle is passionate about supporting woman & femmes identifying folks to conjure a deep connection within themselves through the power of pleasure - her workshops completely sold out the past 2 years of Sassy

We are excited to have Michelle teaching three workshops this year

Photo cred: Sharee McBeth Photography

Photo cred: Sharee McBeth Photography

Michelle Muscles
Michelle is a long time lover of all things pole related. With ten years pole dance experience, eight years of instructing, performing and competing plus studio management, aerial show hosting and soon to be pole competition organising, she lives and breathes pole dancing (while also parenting). While she does a lot in the pole space, her absolute favourite thing to do is teach and share her love of pole and especially the never ending variations and versions of movement that makes pole so unique.
Michelle most recently has been the winner of 2018 Pole Legends Strength Award, Pole Stars Freestyle Battle Champ 2018

Michelle will be teaching two workshops for Sassy 2019


Poledoir Photography a.k.a Katie
Katie, a lover herself of pole, started getting into pole photography in 2011 and has photographed events such as Pole Stars 2015, Miss Pole Queen 2016. Katie is known for her beautiful outdoor photo shoots that really showcase and capture the grace and beauty of pole dance, while infusing each shot with something just a little bit different


Mish GoGo
Known for her incredible strength and routines that call upon her culture, previous experience in the army, martial arts, and breakdance, we welcome Mish GoGo! Winner of Open category for NZAPP 2017, Pole Inferno 2018 Open Winner and Pole Legends 2018 Drama Award Winner. Get in quick to learn some awesome flips and tricks with this badass

Mish is teaching two workshops for you this year


Polaris Pole Dance a.k.a Amy and Peter Rowe
Amy & Peter own Polaris Pole Dance and have been actively involved in the Pole community since 2007. Peter serves as chief pole technician for NZAPP and Pole Legends, while Amy has served as pole dance judge for NZ Pole Championships, NZAPP, MPDNZ, and Pole Legends. They share a passion for dance teaching at their beautiful and popular studio in the heart of Cuba St, Wellington